How Does Planet Design Work?

Choose a package that suits your needs, fill out the contact form and a brief description then submit! It’s that easy. We will contact you to discuss the details, send you the contracts and invoice you for some or all of the cost of the project depending on the scope. Then we match you to your professional team and begin working on your project.

What is Planet Design Comparable to?

In some ways we are comparable to services like Updesk (formerly Odesk/Elance) but with a curated work pool of top designers, programmers and art directors. We also feature an efficient and streamlined pricing and quoting system and provide more hands on work flow throughout the project.   Think of us as the UBER of web design!

What sets Planet Design apart?

Unlike services like Updesk, we match you with the right people for your project right from the start and centralize the step by step management, built in legal protection / contracts, creative aspects as well as guaranteed payment and delivery under one umbrella so you can concentrate on your business without having to manage the process yourself saving you time, money and frustration.

Why Work for Planet Design?

Unlike many freelancing platforms, Planet Design does not make you compete against talent in parts of the world where the cost of living is much lower. You will make the industry standard rate in your area regardless of where the project originates. Where ever possible you will be matched to companies locally should the need for client meetings arise.

How does Planet Design offer great pricing and still maintain quality?

We offer a streamlined set of offerings that will satisfy 80-90 percent of our customer base and their needs. We also maintain a large pool of independent, hand picked talent from all over the world. This helps to reduce overhead so we can pass these saving on to you while maintaining the highest level of creative quality.


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