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Why Choose Planet Design

We built a network of handpicked professional designers, developers and art directors ready to work on your project. Just over 5% of the talent that we vet will qualify to work for us…and for you. We match a creative team to you that will suit your needs best. We only use the best people with proven track records…then we oversee the process as needed until completion. For you that means no hassles, no recruiters, no worries.

The Problem

Getting a quote for web and UI design is a frustrating and confusing process. The same scope of work can generate quotes that differ by thousands of dollars…


You spend countless hours of your valuable time sorting through them weighing the pros and cons, and hope that the low bid won’t leave you hanging, or you needlessly spend big dollars on a boutique agency just to get the service and the quality you need.

The Solution

By choosing from one of our comprehensive packages, you get a firm price with a clear understanding of the features to expect. We can get started on your project, usually within 48 hours or less. The web & UI design packages are designed to accommodate your needs now and in the future. All packages use responsive design, built to accommodate mobile, tablet and desktop use. We start from the ground up with every design so you can be assured that your designs are unique & tailored to your brand and your business.

With Planet Design you get the best of both worlds

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